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Update time

I can't believe so much of the year has passed already. This upcoming weekend will be Easter. The family has planned a dinner here at the house. My uncle Gary has volunteered to cook the dinner. Its been a long time since we've had an Easter dinner.
Things have been settling into a routine around here. Grandma's home again, so that's been a bit of a challenge. The house is uber clean now, though there's still a lot left to do. It isn't easy going through 40 years of collecting. The music room has been opened up for the kids for a play room. Even that isn't complete yet though - the piano needs to go and some of the things in there need rearranging. I also need to buy some more bins so that toys can be 'sorted' and organized. Still, to have that open does make the house seem a little bigger.
The kids are doing well. They enjoy daycare very much and have recently been invited to their first birthday party. This will be on Saturday, for a little girl just turning two. She's as cute as a button, and Jae Jae's best friend. Garrett apparently has himself a little girlfriend :) I haven't seen her, but mom says they always play together. Maybe sometime soon I'll sneak up there and see for myself. It sounds adorable.
We have easter egg coloring kits for Garrett to do on Friday. They're ones with plastic stands and foam parts to make cars, airplanes and a few other things. I thought he'd really enjoy that. :)
For me, work is the same old thing. We're getting ready to change buildings. I'm semi-excited by this..as the new building has some advantages to the one we're in currently. One of the big advantages being parking. Its a little further north than where we are now, but I'm sure I can manage an exit. There isn't much near this place in the way of food or coffee, unless you have a car. I've heard rumor that there'll be a cafe and an espresso stand within the building. Its really a very nice place.
I've put in for another shift change, though the biggest difference will be an hour lunch rather a half hour lunch. The hours would be pretty much the same, staying until 4:30 instead of 4. I can't take the half hour lunches anymore...there just isn't time to eat or relax. Maybe I'm just spoiled. I'm hoping I'll get the new shift, and that I won't have to change teams since its really such a small change to the schedule. The new shifts won't happen until April 30th anyway *sigh*
Anyway, I should be in bed...so I think I'm gonna head.

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