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I'm alive...I promise

Typically, I don't have access from work. I was a little surprised to find that, now, I do. I'm guessing the monitoring/blocking sofware hasn't been added to the network yet. I'll be happy to take advantage while I can.
There's probably a lot to update about, a lot of little things that I likely won't think of right away, or maybe not at all. For the most part, its been fairly routine and everyone's doing alright. Grandma's managed to stay out of the hospital, though I think she's getting worse mentally. That's created a lot of stress all around. She gets nasty with us, even the kids once in awhile.
We've moved buildings at work. The building we're in is nicer; and allows for all contracts to be under one roof. The actual location of the building isn't quite as nice as before as far as convenience goes. Although, there's a lot more green around here and better views from the windows. If you take the bus, though, there isn't much here. Any fast food resteraunts are in driving distance - and you'd have to walk a quarter mile or so from the bus stop to get to work. Not the most convenient. Fortunately for me, I drive.
We have a better "game" room; it houses a pool table, a ping pong table, the X box, a pinball machine and two arcade games. There's also an atrium in the center, which has benches and a couple tables. The break room is HUGE. Its very nice.
My shift has changed again. I'm working half an hour earlier, so overall, it isn't much of a change for me. They had a graveyard shift available for awhile that I thought about. I sent in an "interest" email but haven't heard back. I understand that shift is full - its an experimental shift right now. Oddly enough, that shift would give me more time with the kids -
especially if I could work Sunday through Thursday. Right now, its a moot point. I'm considering changing contracts when the opportunity arises again; just for something different if nothing else.
I'm considering trying to go back to school for medical transcription; a job that would eventually lead me to working from home. Ultimately, that's what I want. Its going to take a bit of manuevering to do it, but I think, if I buckle down and get things taken care of, I can do it. Its just buckling down and getting the issues taken care of.

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