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I have had a productive day today. I got the bathroom done. Unclogged the drain, cleaned the tub, the sink *and* the toilet. I hate toilets. I also mopped the floor. Whew! Not to mention, three loads of laundry. Mostly towels and sheets, but still, needed to be done. I still have the kitchen to go...then I can quit for the time being. The kitchen shouldn't take me long though. I also did all the garbage and cleaned the litter box. Major accoplishment there :)
I'm taking a break now, and have been for the last couple hours. The beauty of doing this when no one else is home is that I have all night. I can do it, whenever. That's what I like about having the house to myself and cleaning when alone. No one's waiting for me to have it done.
Tomorrow is a busier day for me, not as much cleaning time, but I can do some of it during the week too. I was thinking of going through some of the boxes here and taking the empty ones back to mom, they'll make wonderful Christmas gift boxes. I need to get my cds, my dragons and my curio cabinet too. I'd like for Tyr to put it up before he goes. Oh, I forgot, I also did grocery shopping today...not much, but got a few items that were much needed.
Tomorrow I plan on going into town for a wand making class. Its a series of 3 classes, this first one is on picking out materials I believe. I can't remember what time it is though. Hopefully Bryan will be able to join me as he's busy the next few weekends with work. Since I'll be in town, I'll probably head to mom's at some point to drop off and collect.
Bryan and I went to see Count of Monte Cristo last night. Great flick!! There's a few scenes in there that are definate big screen scenes. I'd like to have it when it comes out on dvd. It was great to see Bryan again, its probably been about a month. I've missed him.
Right now, I'm just going through email to try and clear it out. I have 50 some from the various Pagan lists I belong too...all information I'd like to keep. I'm busy forwarding it to another mailbox so I can clear this one out..why I didn't think of this earlier, I don't know...its not like I don't have 20 or so emails I could forward it to, sheesh!
One of these days, I'm going to get together a book of shadows from all this info. Or a disk of shadows (Grin), several most likely. Its a big project, but ya know....
I'd like to have different sections like one of each holiday, each specific group of study (such as Dragons, Faeries, etc), one for Gods/Goddesses, one for spells, one for recipies, one for crafts, one for meditations, and probably a miscellaneous one.
Well, as I didn't do anything exciting today, I guess I'll quit rambling.

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