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The weekend was good though. Lots of things going on.

We had to finish putting the kitchen together for Jae's party, so that the house could be clean. Angela came out Saturday to help with that. We got most of it done, and the rest is currently being rearranged and put away.
Friday I called in sick to work and spent the day doing errands. I got Jae's birthday cake, and it turned out really cute. It had my little pony on it (Yes, she's a huge fan). I ended up spending a couple hours talking to an old friend of mine...catching up on old times and what's current in our lives.
Saturday I went back to work, as much as I didn't really want to. It was relatively busy, and I was numb from the brain down. After work I had to clean and get the house ready. Angela and I were up until early Sunday morning, part of it just relaxing. J was over and I'm glad that I got to see him.
Sunday was Jae's birthday party. Not many kids showed up, but it went well anyway. Her best friend showed up, so that was good. Mom got her an interactive princess tablecloth. Its really kind of cool..until Garrett gets to it. LOL. He keeps pressing on Sleeping Beauty.
The music room has been rearranged some, which is good. Its more open now, and there's more room for the kids to play. We still have the old piano and rolltop desk in there that are kind of in the way, but Garrett's dresser is moved by the window. The diaper station has gone ontop of that, so its out of the living room, and opens that up a little. The books have been placed on the big display unit where the kids can reach them and they aren't spilling out of the little tv stand thing that we were using for a bookshelf. Its been moved up to my room now, so its out of the doorway of the music room. There's still a bit more to do, but that can wait. I want to get the bookshelf cleaned out and use that too. The dvds that were on the shelf where the books are now have been moved to the shelves on Jae's dresser.
The kitchen drawers and cabinets have been rearranged. It makes more sense now. We have control of the tupperware, at least to some degree. The big mircowave has been removed, along with the cart it was on. A smaller microwave has been placed on the counter, with some of the other appliances moved to the shelves above the stove. That opens up the cabinet against the wall on the bottom, as well as that one drawer we never did use. Even with the shelf that grandpa made, it was nearly impossible to get there. We've stored some pots and some appliances we use more regularly there; things like my crock pot and the rice cooker. Easy to get to, which is good. We've gone through the cleaning supplies and made a nice storage space under the sink. I went through and cleaned the grime with simple green. Of course this created more dishes to do, some of those things had been sitting for years in the cabinets. And, the baking pans under the sink had some sort of greasy grimy thing on the edges.
There's just a little left to finish up with that...the kitchen table needs to be cleared again, but there isn't much on it. The floors need to be swept and mopped, and I think there's still a little bit to put away. Gary is going to come by tomorrow and hang things on the walls again for us. He's bringing something where we can hang things like utensils and small pots.
To finish up the weekend, tonight we did some starting things to my room. Jae's crib has been moved out of my room and to the landing at the top of the stairs, where Garrett is. He's got his big-boy bed out there now, and he loves it. Tonight though, it was hard to get him to go to sleep. I read them two bedtime stories, and Jae went to sleep about 9 pm. Garrett got out of his bed twice. I had to turn off the little lamp near his bed...and I think that's when Jae went to sleep.
It was cute, I could hear him out there "Its not funny". I'm not sure what was going on, but I could hear her just giggling. At one point, he took the chair in the hall and moved it to the head of her crib. He "read" her The Little Red Hen and Where do Kisses come from? Despite the fact that it was cute, he did get told to get back into bed. I was concerned that Jae would scream and scream, but she didn't. She was the first to go to sleep, actually. Right now, we've got her wheels braced with a couple heavy bins. I'm hoping that Gary will be able to remove the wheels and we won't have to worry about it so much. That jerry rigged crib door is against the wall, so that she doesn't fall out of it if she leans on it. There's enough room for me to sit on the window seat to read. I think I'm going to like having the room to myself...though its gonna be different sleeping without some small body here with me. I haven't had that in three years.
The tv stand from downstairs has been put where Jae's crib was. I don't have the tv on it yet, but I'll do that tomorrow. Right now, I have the little one in here because it gets local channels. The big one needs rabbit ears or a cable box...can't decide what I want to do yet. The little one, in the meantime, can be put back on the nightstand that I'd been using. The dvd rack can be moved over by the door at some point, which will open up the bookshelf. The litter box in the closet has been taken down finally, so all I have to do is sweep. I have to get the big box for my tv broken down too, so I have room to get to my clothes. Eventually, I'm going to go through the closet entirely. Now that I don't have Jae in the room, I can do this at night when I'm up here and not have to worry about it much. Its going to take awhile, but I'm going to go through and make this room mine. Even if I don't finish by the time I move (which is in the future at some point, but I don't have anywhere yet), I will have at least started something on it. I can feel better about that.
I'm trying to loose weight too. I haven't been real diligent about it, but I have cut down on things. I don't eat out at lunch everyday, so the fast food has been cut way down. I've been drinking less soda and more water. Lately, I've had one everyday, but I've at least cut it down to one. I'm trying to keep it at one every other day, or not really at all. I haven't given up my coffee, but I don't see that happening anytime soon. My goal is 30 lbs in 6 months. If I hit that, J will get me a new piercing :D
To that end, I've also ordered myself a pilates video and a yoga video. I thought I'd ordered the belly dancing one too, but didn't. That's okay, I had books on the order too, so I probably couldn't afford it. Maybe out of the next paycheck I can get the belly dancing video.
So...I have several projects on my plate. All I have to do now is learn time management...haha!

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