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Happiness is...

a mug of double chocolate cocoa and fuzzy socks. Seriously.

So, I know that I've been lax in my posting, as per usual. Not that my little blip on the blog radar is missed by many, but for those few who may be interested, I'll post :)
WoW has taken up more time than I anticipated. Evil borg. I have, however, managed to craft myself a fine level 20 druid. She's my highest level character right now, and I must say that I'm quite enamored of her. I like my other characters too, and I'll put time into them soon enough. Right now, though, I'm having fun with her.

On real life, well, there's much to update. I work for a new contract at my company now. This is my second week on the phones on my own. Not drastically different than what I'd been doing, but different enough to keep the restless feelings away for now. The bonus is, I get to keep my senority....which is really nice. We are currently going through a shift bid, and I'm 12 on the list. Yay! Right now, I'm still working Tues-Sat, and a bit later in the morning than I had been...but I'm hoping with this bid that'll change. I bid on a 4/10, and I hope (really, really, really hope) that I get it. It offers Sat, Sun and Thurs off. Perfect. I can say, that so far, I like the customer base more than before. This crowd doesn't seem as impatient, generally speaking. Sure, you get you're angry person once in a while, but nothing like before. I'm working on getting my tools down so that I can effectively lower my call handle times. I feel like such a noob :P
On a more personal note, I'm getting the ball rolling with certain things. I've ordered some paperwork needed for the kids, something I've been putting off for *way* too long. I feel better now, though, that I've got things going. I need to stop stalling, really. Some things have come to light that I really don't like, and I'm not entirely sure how to handle. So far, I've just let it go....I'm convinced that what's been said has been designed specifically to make me look like the bitch. I just have to have faith that in the end, what goes around comes around....several times over sometimes. I try not to be too petty, but I can't always help it. I'll take the karma smack on occassion. I'm not going to mention specifics, because well...right now things are still too open. And, I'd just rather not deal so much with the people involved...not that they read my journal, but one never knows what gets around. What's been said though, isn't really the truth at all....and an excuse to not take responsibility for certain things.
Other than that, things have been humdrum, really. I finally have a replacement for my lost phone...only took 3 tries. I have health insurance again (open enrollment.....new insurance company, and technically, I haven't been without). I have a chronic cough that I need to remember to see the doctor about, as there's been some concern among friends and co-workers that it may be asthma. I just think it won't do much good...not because the doctors don't know, but because by the time that I get in, I'm fine. Always happens that way.
Oh..yes...on a side note, I'm so NOT ready for Christmas *whimper*

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