onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Well, I'm here....

I feel so...left out. Lately, it just seems as if I'm not part of anything. Once again, I feel as if I don't truly belong anywhere. I know part of my anti-social behaviour is because of work and living arrangements - neither are really optimal. Unfortunately, I can't do much about where I live at the moment. Lack of money, and frankly, planning on my part have seen to that.
I've been reading here tonight, and seeing the things that people are going through. I don't hear it first hand - with some I never do, and that's fine. With others though - its just struck me how much I'm outside of things. I've wondered recently if anyone would miss me were I to disappear. Hell, half the time I wonder if anyone would notice.
Don't worry folks, I'm not talking suicide. Not even thinking of that extreme - I have much to live for. They come in the form of two bundles of chaos that have a penchant for driving me absolutely out of my mind. And in the blink of an eye, they manage to put the world into perspective.
I have more to say, more to update. But, really, I don't have the energy right now. I should be asleep in preperation for a long day tomorrow - I've moved to 10 hour shifts. Ugh.

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