onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Now is a good time...

to update. Mom has the kids at Costco, so I have the house (effectively) to myself. At least enough that I can sneak a post in ;)


My birthday: (Last Thursday) - it was pretty uneventful, but enjoyable. Mom called before I left for work and had the kids say "happy birthday" to me. Jae actually said it!! Made me so proud :D It was very nice to hear that from them both. I did work on my birthday, which I generally prefer not to do. But, it being a new job and all - and frankly, its less pressure, so it wasn't a big deal. I thought about it later. I would have had the advantage working at the call center - providing I'd gotten around to asking for that day off. I would have had a 4 day weeked :D I'm glad to be out of there just the same. Anyway, it was a nice day.
I even managed to make a Hanen class. That's the class for Jae on Thursday evenings. Its to teach us as parents (and grandparents) to help our child communicate. They have child care there, and its where my cousin works, so both kids like to go. They really enjoy the teachers that stay to help.

The rest of my birthday week was pretty uneventful. I know that I had a couple things I wanted to update on, but I can't remember what now.

Work: Work has been anything but uneventful. Its just the two of us doing the proofreading and editing. We've been swamped with work and the deadlines have been hitting us quick. The other girl that was brought on decided that she didn't really want to do this afterall. She, apparently, felt that she couldn't get her speed up to make it worth it. She was doing medical transcription in the morning. Of course, she was working with the old software, but even promises of having her work with the new software (which is, by far, easier) couldn't make her change her mind. They are looking for another person to help out, and I hope they find one soon.
We had some things due today, and some things due Monday that we've been busting our asses on. These are not small jobs, either. These are like 200 page jobs, which doesn't sound like a lot until you break it down. It has to be edited (by me, whose new and averaging about 6 pages per hour), then it has to be proofread (listening to the tape while reading the transcript to make sure everything is in there and that its correct), then it has to be put together and bound neatly before sending it out to who ever's ordered it. The other lady proofreads right now, but in between that, she's doing billing and scheduling and fielding calls for both subjects. That seems to eat up half her day.
The boss asked if I could come in this weekend to work some overtime. I said I'd do it, but I wasn't looking forward to that. We finished the immediate projects, and have earned a bit of respite. The next projects aren't due until the 24th, and they're smaller jobs. So, no weekend overtime for me! Yay! Not that I mind the idea of overtime, but I have plans this weekend and need to have time to get household stuff done.
The boss also talked more to me about the per page rate, and when I'd hit that. When I get to 12 pages per hour, he'll pay me $1.37 per page. It doesn't seem like a lot, but when I figured it out, its like $16/hr. That's more than I was making at the call center for sure! Of course, I'm far from that right now, but I have something concrete to go by now. When I do more administrative things (which I'll be introduced to soon, I think), I'll go back to the current rate I'm at now. Still, it should temper out some and I should be paid decently.

That's it for now! :)

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