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Another day done...

Today was a productive day, actually. Mom went to a movie with my aunt, and took my son over there so he could spend time with my aunt's husband. Jae took a nap shortly after they left.
I managed to have a couple cups of coffee and get some reading done in peace. It was very relaxing.
I did manage to get the kitchen clean (twice, really), dinner cooked (before 7 pm, even!!), some laundry folded (some of it even put in drawers), lunches made for tomorrow, and the kids bathed. Amazingly, they were in bed by 8:30 pm - hair and teeth brused and all!
So, while I wasn't ambitious enough to get *all* the laundry done (there's one more of my baskets to be brought up and put away. There's also two HUGE piles of clean clothes in baskets downstairs, and one upstairs that need to be folded), and I didn't get the house clean like I wanted, it was still pretty productive.
I got to relax today, and that was worth (to me) giving up some things like cleaning the house. I'll do that throughout the week.
Yesterday, we went to the zoo. It was a nice enough day, thankfully. It only started raining when we came home (talk about timing!). The kids hadn't had a nap yet - and while we had no problem getting them down for a nap, we did have issue getting Jae down to bed. Mom said that she didn't go to sleep until 1 am or so. I fell asleep in the chair downstairs shortly after the kids went to bed. I must have been *really* tired. We weren't at the zoo that long, either.
The kids did have a good time. We let them play in the discovery area for a little bit. Garrett climbed on the big rope web a few times - and despite my fear, he managed to get down all on his own, even with a few bigger kids shaking it. He didn't want my help and made that very clear. Jae stayed in the caves mostly - she found a new place she could climb and slide down it. She ran circles around, going into the cave and sliding out the one opening. It was very cute.
I think this weekend went very well. I had a great time, and managed to relax some. :)

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