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Chocoholic racoon??

We celebrated my grandma's birthday today over at Cheryl and Gary's. Uncle Bill gave her a box of Snickers, and two expensive candy bars from the zoo. Now, its important to understand that this box of Snickers was *full* - I mean, no room for fingers kind of full. The kind of full that almost breaks them....that kind of full.
Mom put them on the back stairs so that we could just bring them into the kitchen. She got grandma out of the car, brought her up the ramp and situated her in the living room. She went to the bathroom, then went to the basement to get sheets for grandma's bed. This whole process took *possibly* five mintues. She opened the back door to get the candy bars and found the remains of two of them on the porch - chocolate chunks and candy wrappers. In the time it took mom to realize that it really *was* candy bar remains spread on the stairs (not much of a back porch, really) - the racoon darted out from under the stairs. He took one of the expensive chocolate bars, and took the time to dig out a Snickers. The steak and cake that were on the porch were left untouched.
Yes, racoons apparently have a sweet tooth. And the one under our boat is apparently a chocoholic.

It occured to me sometime over the weekend that I really do have tomorrow off. Its the first Memorial day that I haven't had to ask to have off, or hope that I wasn't scheduled for in years. And although I doubt I get holiday pay, it feels rather nice to just have it off. Its a pleasant thought to realize that I won't have to ask for holidays off months in advance and hope. Its not something I'm used to :)

Friday night I went out with a couple of friends for dinner. We just hit Sherry's up near me, but it was still good. I enjoyed the company and the conversation. The dinner wasn't half bad either :)
Saturday my mom and uncle Bill took the kids on a day trip. They went for a train ride on a steam train (Thomas, according to my daughter) and went to visit a cousin down in Chehalis. I hear tell they had a really good time. My cousin has several acres and has apparently erected a playground in her back yard. She has several grandchildren, so that makes it nice. Mom said that we've been invited back for 4th of July celebrations - though it'll be on the weekend, rather than the 4th. I'm game for that :)
That left me alone for the day on Saturday, with the exception of grandma. I didn't do what I wanted with the day. I was hoping to do laundry and clear out my room some. I still have plans on taking up the carpet - hopefully in the near future. This being me, things didn't get done as I'd planned. I have done nothing with the room. I had an appointment to get my hair cut - and was late for that too. I did, however, enjoy a quiet morning of dozing on the chair in front of the boob tube. Yes, I did manage to get my hair cut. I like it. Its a long shag she called it. The layers are long so I can pull them back still. My hair isn't as long, but its not real short either - between my shoulder blades. It looks really nice, and my hair feels so much lighter.
After that, I went up to see J. We had a nice dinner and some nice conversation. Things are starting to look up for him again, and its nice to see a more hopeful demeanor from him. I spent more time than I'd really inteded. I left grandma home longer than I should have really, but things were okay when I got here again. I made her dinner and made myself some coffee. I had time to relax before the kidlets got home - which was about 10:30 pm, and fortunately, they were tired enough to just go right back to sleep.
Not everything has gone so smoothly this weekend. I talked to a friend on Friday, who said that D's mom was getting into storage to get her things out. D was going to get his stuff out of the apartment (finally) so, it would be a good idea for me to get my own storage unit and move. I had to do that this morning because we weren't positive D would come up from Olympia. We all half expected him to come up with some excuse.
It took awhile, but I have my stuff in my own unit now. No more worrying aobut him paying it and whether its going to be auctioned off at some point. I have my altar stuff home - so I'm content with that. One less thing to stress about. One less tie to him, thankfully. Just one more step in my grand plan - and hopefully, I'll be able to cut all or most of the strings. He's proven he isn't interested in the children - so I'm not sure I have that aspect of things to worry about.
Even Garrett noticed. He told my uncle on Saturday (after Jae had called him dad, and my uncle explained that if she wanted to call him that it was okay, but he wasn't her daddy), that his dad's name was Dathean, but that he isn't around. It broke my heart, in some respects, to hear that. My son should never have to be aware of such things - but, thanks to D, he is.
There are days when I want to cry, watching other men with their children. Clearly, I'm better off without D and so are the kids. However, if he should choose to have an interest, I won't stop him from seeing them. I don't think Jae even knows who he is anymore. Its a sad thing, really.
Dealing with him at storage was less than fun. He was going through everything piece by piece - my assumption is that he wanted to control how things were done. It was sprung on him that I'd be there. His mother didn't tell him until they were on the way to the unit - she didn't want him to use me as an excuse to get out of this. I don't blame her. I'm betting he also wanted to be sure I didn't take anything that was his. Because, you know, I want his crap. I don't have enough of my own to deal with. (insert sigh and eye roll here). But, its over and done with. Yay!
I did get to soothe my nerves some by going to the bbq at Cheryl and Gary's. I thought I'd miss it because of the storage thing, but I didn't. Gary's brother's son was there with his daughter, so she kept the kids (mostly Garrett) occupied for most of the day, I understand. They even got to play outside in the new sandbox for a little bit :) All in all, the day went pretty well, considering.
Tomorrow I have laundry to do, and I'm going to go see the new Pirates movie with mom. Cheryl said she'd watch the kids for us :)
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