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I don't understand

why it seems so difficult for WDS to keep things straight?? I just heard back from payroll, and she discovered that contrary to what she'd told me last week - they've had my paycheck. It was given to my previous supervisor instead of being mailed. (insert lots of whimpering and headbanging to make my brain stop hurting here)
Now, why they don't have some sort of spreadsheet to - oh, I don't know - actually keep track of things like mailing dates, I don't know. Doesn't seem it would be hard. Of course, doesn't seem it would be hard to check with the front desk and the supervisor to make sure it got mailed before giving that information, either. But, hey, I guess that's just me.

PS - it's in the mail today. According to the payroll lady anyway. (fume, huffhuffgrowlsnarlhisshuffhuff)

Stupid company.

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