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I read that article that swade2569 posted a quote from. Its a good article all around, with some good advice.
My favorite though:

· Enjoy the full variety of delicious foods and eat normally like everyone else, eat when you’re hungry and stop starving yourself, and celebrate the bounties of life without guilt...or fear of any food. And turn off that mental calorie counter!

I believe the same. You shouldn't have to feel guilty because you ate pizza - or that you ate 4 pieces of it. That's what I struggle with when I consider changing my eating patterns. I don't want to 'diet', because it always seems to set you up for failure or the continual feeling of guilt. Life is way too short and too complicated with other things.
I don't know about the rest of you - but I have other things to worry about! I get caught up in the "I'd be prettier if I were thinner" mentality. I also convince myself that it's health. But, the truth is, when I've been weighed at the doctor's office - not one doctor or nurse has ever raised wieght as an issue of health for me. I should not have to feel guilty or ugly because I'm big.
In fact, I'm beautiful...cute..charming...even sexy to some. In a ball of wax, I'm me - my body size, my attitude, my thoughts...ALL of it comprises who I am. And I am beatiful.

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