onyx (onyxangel) wrote,


Today is a day that I've decided I don't get paid enough for this shit. A customer gets argumentative with me, interupts me constantly....excuse me, I'm human, I get frustrated. I do NOT need my supe iming me and telling me in those peachy nice tones "Don't interupt the customer" *blink* Try listening to the fucking call. I do believe it was the OTHER WAY AROUND. *growl* Not only that...but when they interupt, its "Let them vent". She's BEEN venting. For 12 fucking minutes she was venting..wanting to know why this and why that...but can I explain? HELL NO. Cuz then I'm interupting. Go fucking figure. If you have nothing better to do than throw a temper tantrum on the phone...go fuck yourself. I don't have time or patience for it. Yes, I'm throwing a temper tantrum here...but you don't have to read it. So there. I'm going home now....I don't get paid enough.
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