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I should get more done on this transcript, considering all three volumes are due next Monday. I'm just....not motivated. I've had to push myself all day to concentrate on this, force myself (quite literally at some points) to keep my eyes open.

Now I'm awake, but it's warm and sunny outside. It's the kind of day that just beckons to you relentlessly. It mocks you when you remain indoors, unheading of its call.

Of course, I could knock off 30 minutes early and make up for it later in the week. There's only 73 pages left to do....and I should be able to get that done fairly quick, I think. The last volume is only 140 pages, which shouldn't take terribly long. Right?

I'm getting more consistant at 12 pages per hour, at least. Yeah...so, uhm...*sigh*

I should probably buckle down and do 30 more minutes of work, just to be "safe". After all, when I'm done editing, they have to be proofed and final proofed.


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