onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Okay....well, I'm impressed....

So, one of the things that gets slighly annoying during my day is that there's a racing company a few buildings away from us - less than a block. On nice days like today, they take the race cars out for test drives (I'm assuming)....this doesn't seem all that bad, except that they're loud and obnoxious and because this is an otherwise *very* quiet neighboorhood seem even more obnoxious. I can hear them a block away, and I can't hear over them when they pass beneath my window (because, you know, my day just would not be complete without at least one obnoxious race car passing under my open window)

I mean...seriously. Shouldn't you do that at a race track or something? Oh yes, let's not mention the stop sign at the end of the street where my building is. They like to sit and idle there.....

Obnoxious bastards. Some days, I'm even slightly envious of them...which makes them even more obnoxious. Bastards.

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