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Help! I've become domesticated!

Catching up on a post for the weekend, which actually didn't include much for me. The kids went to the Puyallup fair with mom and Uncle Bill. I stayed home with grandma and did some stuff around the house.

Things accomplished:

Cleaned the kitchen (dishes and all)
Made good dinners - early
Undirtied children (multiple times!)
Put away 2 baskets of laundry (out of the 5 we have down there *sigh*)
Did 2 loads of laundry (out of the 5 remaining loads - *still* catching up)
Took screws off the bed where the legs are missing
Moved the bookshelf, movie shelf and nightstand out of the closet
Moved games from tv stand to movie shelf (I can now close the door on the tv stand)
Discovered doors for the bookshelf! (I have some ideas on using them, too)
Picked up dirty clothes from the floor
Moved working dvd player from my room to downstairs (with help)
Hooked up said dvd player and verified it does work
Cleaned out some of the bookshelf
Took some of the books off the movie shelf and proceeded to scatter them over my room *facepalm*

Things to do:

Finish cleaning the bookshelf
Move books from movie shelf and floor into bookshelf
Install doors on top shelf of said bookshelf
Move nightstand to another corner
Clean off desk
Clean off hope chest and set up altar
Bring all dishes downstairs
Empty garbage into a garbage bag and take downstairs
Take all recycling downstairs (fortunately not many of dishes or cans)
Move bed and dresser legs to a drawer in the dresser in the closet (including screws recently removed)
Pick up all Tarot cards from floor
Rearrange electrical cords so that not everything is in one outlet and there's no cords going across my closet door
Take down the remaining pictures that were grandmas
Find all my wall hanging type stuff and put it up
Wash mirrors

I'm working on these things bit by bit. It won't be too much longer before the bedroom is *my* space. I need to find my oil burners though, so I can burn some lemon or something and cleanse the area metaphysically as well as physically. I did manage to find some time over the weekend to relax, though the kids were home earlier than I'd expected. Of course, it was early evening before I got to sit down (5 pm or so) and get online - the kids were, naturally, home at that time. *facepalm*

They had a good time, I'm told. They came home sporting body paint. Garrett chose a dragon for himself - green and blue. Jae chose a train for herself pink and blue. Apparently, they made the choices all on their own. Interesting to watch how they're interests develop.
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