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There are things in this world that never fail to amaze me. Humans are one - and this isn't always a good thing.

I just read (and agree with):
Plane stopped

The actual news article, and comments:

Plane stopped

The comments on this...astound me.

Driven by fear? Yes, I'll agree. What the hell do you think racism is?? The large part of it is driven by fear - fear borne from not understanding. Question, okay, I'll give you that. I may have wondered a little if it were me with my kids - but I certainly would not have demanded to disembark the plane, especially after it had started to taxi.
You have the right not to board the plane, please use it. Don't you inconvenience me or 100 other people because you're paranoid.

Of course all she could think of was 9/11 - it's been pounded into us relentlessly since it happened. How could she not think of it? Every time Bush wants something done, he waves the 9/11 flag. That creates paranoia, which in turn makes it much easier for him to take away our rights right under our noses.

She should be grateful that these men, who were not born in our country, love our country enough to die for it. I'm proud that they are, that they are a part of our armed forces in some degree. It's a hell of a lot more than she's doing, that's for certain. It's a lot more than I'm doing, I can say that. I'm grateful that any American - born here or not - is willing to join the armed forces and possibly forfiet their lives.

Unfortunately, I think people like this woman invalidate everything we stand for. Morals? Who needs those when you have paranoia! Oh, I forgot....she comes from the land of the KKK. If it isn't pale, it needs to be feared.

I, personally, feel that both American and this woman owe those men more than an apology. I mean, they must have to live with this on a daily basis. I think Bush should apologize for making people so paranoid. Seriously. Of course, I think Bush should apologize for a lot of things - including being born. Never too late for post-natal abortion!

For any government agency that may be reading this, I'm not serious. I'm too lazy to take such actions. I'd rather just bitch about it and glower a little. Besides, I've never been to prison and I don't think I'd like to try it out either, thanks. Not quite like a trial membership at the gym, now is it?

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