onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Well, now..I'm addicted...are you happy?

You know..I just never thought I'd get so into this journaling thing. Nope. Never occured to me. Are ya'll happy now? I hope so :P You evil, evil co-workers. Looks like Jenni Kitty isn't the only one who needed corrupting. And here I thought I was already corrupted.
According to some...I'm pretty tame. Guess I have to figure out something else for shock value? (Grin). Hmmmm...give me time...I'll find something.
I can honestly say...I'm liking the interaction thing. I was terrified when I first found out that people could comment...I know, I'm horrible. I expect the worst. You know, the strange looks at work, (Okay, so, I'm not the *only* freak here...and like I said, I'm tame compared to some)...the 'flames'....and lets face it, I'm not all that exciting. No men chasing me down the street cuz I'm just *that* pretty...no wild parties that end in orgies (what am I doing wrong???). Okay..well, almost..once. But it was a Con.

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