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Today is a total wash thus far....

I got a nasty surprise this morning. Naturally, I would only know about this after mom leaves. I got into my car....no go. My lights come on, my radio comes on, when I turn the key I can hear a low hum...but no turn over. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Not even a click. ~sigh~
I'm the only one at work today, well, most of the day anyway. Office manager is home on vacation and won't be back until next week - Bossman is only here for a couple hours, and may even be gone now. I should be here to cover the phones, but I'm late. I had to call mom, who left her job to come get me. I have her car, but I have to go pick her and the kids up after work and then go run errands. I was looking forward to having the time to myself. Stupid car.
Yeah, and now that I'm here...the recording is terrible. In one hour I've managed to edit 5 pages, and for the last half hour or so at least, I've been distracting myself with LJ. I shouldn't - I should concentrate on my job. I'm not terribly motivated though - the job makes my brain hurt from boredom - hair pulling sort of boredom. Want to poke your eyes out with something hot and greasy just to keep yourself awake and feel something kind of boredom. I need a new job....maybe when I get a new life.
That's what I'll add to my wish list for Santa...

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