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Nice surprise

I had a nice surprise last night, and Monday night too. Not sure if I mentioned it before. Tyr called Monday night, to say hi, I think. It was nice...didn't have much to say over the phone, but that's okay. And yesterday, he was online for part of the day, and later at night. Again, didn't talk much really..we do much better in person..and I just didn't have much to say last night in general. But, it was a nice surprise both times. I miss him. At least this time, he'll be home soon.
I thought about calling him, but didn't. I didn't because he's on vacation and doesn't really need me interupting that...I don't need or want to be clingy. Its only a week, I can manage. I also don't know if his family is aware of me, or if he wants them to be. So, in an attempt to respect his space, I didn't call. Probably a good thing I didn't, since he spent the weekend with the kids and the ex. Well, at the ex's anyway..he said that she wasn't home much of the time. Or was busy..which seemed to suit him fine. He said that he had lots of quality time with his kids, which is great. He also gave me warning that in the next couple years he may have one of them on his doorstep. Yikes! Not that I mind this in the least...but, yikes! I have no idea what to do with kids! Fortunately, its at least a year off, if not more. I had to smile when he mentioned this...it let me know he *does* think about a future with me. When I've asked, its been "Well, no one can tell the future" kind of answer or "Well, I don't see you going away anytime soon". Which doesn't really translate to "Yes, I see a future with us." Or "I think about us still together several years in the future". This was confirmation that he at least thinks of us beyond Korea :) Yes, I know...I knew before, its just nice to have that confirmation.

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