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Refining goals

So, it was suggested to me that to make resolutions easier to stick to, it was better to set forth some goals to achieve those resolutions. That, actually, makes perfect sense to me. I'm going to reorder these a little, as some of them could be goals for others and add to it. Maybe this year I can stick to my guns...or something.


~Work harder and smarter
Focus more on the job at hand
Set a goal of pages to be done and do them
Attempt to make the time it takes to do said pages shorter

~Find a new job with better pay and benefits
Get my resume out to any job I even think I can do
Search all job resources

~Take care of paperwork I need to file with the state
Research the forms I need online
Complete and return those forms
Keep up with the state for updates

~Get myself organized - house and paperwork
File my paperwork - paystubs and the like in my portable file.
Find places for things

~Spend more time with the kids

~Take some more time for me

~Give mom some more alone time
Take kids out more often

~Get myself more social - with and without the kids
Meet people via online groups or real time groups
Make more time to go out in general
Take the kids sometimes

~Work on being happier with myself - appearance and attitude
Loose some weight
Drink more water
Use lower fat alternatives when possible
Eat healthier snacks
Use myfitnesspal to track intake and excersize
Get moving! Small then build up

~Keep the house cleaner
Pick things up right away, don't wait until the weekend

~Complete the 'rennovation' of my bedroom to make it mine
Put up my own things
Possibly paint (idea, don't know if I'm gonna do it)

~Take better care of myself and the kids
Get myself healthier
Instill some routines
Keep the kids healthy

~Use LJ more often - I mean, I bought a lifetime membership, didn't I? I may as well use it
Yeah, just make it a point to get her more than once a month.

~Go back to school
Work on setting money aside to pay for school
Study hard

~Handle finances better
Make a budget and stick to it
Be more aware of where my money is going

I'll post more later. There's some things I need to update on, but I'm at work.
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