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I'm delightfully tired tonight. I did get a lot accomplished though, which is good.


16 oz mocha breve
Handful of hazelnuts
Burger King chicken sandwich meal - Dr. Pepper to drink
Two spatula full servings of scrambled eggs with bacon
A slice of bacon
3 small glasses of water
1 12 oz cup of hot cocoa

I should mention that the bacon was from the butcher, so there wasn't nearly as much fat as the mass produced stuff. The scrambled eggs had 2 slices of bacon in it and I'm not sure how much of that I got in my helping - but I had only one additional slice on the side. I drank water with my meal. I know that there's some high calorie foods there - but I did leave about half the fries and I think about a quarter of the soda. Little improvements, but still improvements.


Cleaned the kitchen (Put things away so my counters are no longer cluttered, did a few dishes)
Cooked dinner
Did 1.5 loads of laundry (the load in the washer will go in the dryer in the morning)
Folded two baskets of laundry

I burned a few calories, I think. I'm not counting so much, but it's nice to know that I'm burning something. I neglected the computer for awhile tonight, and it felt good. I've been spending too much time on here. I have a reason to get the housework done - besides the usual, I mean, but I'll talk about that later.

I also managed to do my taxes tonight, filing online. Thank goodness! It doesn't burn calories, but it's one less thing on a list to do. I'm feeling quite satisfied with my accomplishments tonight. Even with the food - I think I am eating less, especially if I sit at the table with the kids. Instead of soda with my dinner, I drank water. Small things, but accomplishments just the same. Now, I have to remember to bring veggies with dip for snacks during the day - that way I won't raid the pretzels. Though, if I have to have snacky stuff, pretzels aren't *too* bad for me - better than potato chips.

All in all, I'm satisfied.
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