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I wanted to write about lunch real quick before I got back to the task and hand and forgot.

I walked up to the little sandwhich place just up the street. It isn't a long walk, but it's enough to get the blood pumping. It's such a nice day out - warmer than it looks. It was my first time at the shop, so I took my book with me and ate my lunch there. It's a coffee house environment really, little round tables, recliners, even a sofa with magazines scattered about and a table sized chess board near the window which overlooks the street. It was kind of quiet despite the lunch traffic through there - drive-ups for coffee, take-out sandwhiches and even a few people eating there like myself. I think the time away from the office is just what I needed. Usually, I eat in the lunch room and while it's nice to be away from the computer, I don't return feeling uplifted.

I took my time with lunch and it felt good. That's one of the perks of my job, I can take as long as I want for lunch unless we're on a tight deadline. I'm ahead now though - the closest due date is the 16th. Not to say that I should slack off, but the break did me some good I think. On the walk back, I stopped to watch a train roll it's way along the track like some giant snake through the water. I wish I'd had my daughter with me - she loves trains as much as my uncle and I think she would have enjoyed standing on the bridge to watch it roll by. It wasn't a special train, just a freight train. There's something comforting about the sound of the wheels against the rail though. I remember falling asleep to that sound in the distance sometimes - our little corner of the world often quiet enough to hear the echoes in the night.

Anyway, I need to work now...but I feel so refreshed and relaxed. It's rare that I feel this way during the work day. It was a good lunch.



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May. 8th, 2008 11:35 pm (UTC)
I would find that comforting too. I grew up between two sets of tracks out in the country. Burlington Northern on one side and Southern Pacific on the other. We had so many great adventures hehe
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