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yet, but I'm working on it :P

Seriously, I've had nothing really to post. I've just been struggling to keep my head above water, like everyone else. That means essentially, I work, I come home, I tend to the kids. Oh! Sometimes I get online and vent my frustrations by causing fiery deaths for evil critters on WoW! I'm greatly amused by that last part.

I have a new favorite "argh!" call. Talking to a travel agent and explaining to her that the promotion she has her clients on has to be paid in 24 hours, we're not able to extend that time frame, at all. She tells me that she spoke to someone earlier and was told she could overnight the check, blah, blah. I check our information - yes, it's true. I check the day the reservation was made - the day before she talked to me. So, the money was due THAT day. The following clip ensued:

Me: "Well, the reservation was made yesterday, so the payment is due today. You would have had to overnight the check yesterday, I can't extend this and I don't know if it will auto cancel before the check arrives."

Her: "Well, you guys really need to define 'within 24 hours then', because I was told...(blah, blah, blah)"

I was stuck for a moment, jaw slightly agape thinking "Whhhaaaa?" Silly me thought "within 24 hours" was pretty self explanatory - at least, for those of us who can count.

Off to work...toodles!

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