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Proud Mama moment...

So, in general, things around here have been progressing fairly well. There's been some bumps, but who's life doesn't have those?

But, this post isn't about those. This will probably kill the male child in the years to come - I can just hear the "Moooo-oooom" now. See the roll of his eyes in total, humiliated disbelief. And I know it's not a big moment for him.

But, tonight...he has his own room! We put his bed down in the playroom - which, for the time, will be a combination bedroom/playroom. They'll have to keep it clean - much cleaner than they have been. I spent all day cleaning it. Both kids helped too. There's still lots of stuff crowding my dining room and kitchen to put back, but at 8 pm I was done. And we hadn't eaten dinner.

Bedtime, he went in and got into bed...and went to sleep! No more talking or yelling at them to be quiet. I was a bit worried about Jae, but she went to sleep fine too. I think this is going to work out really well. Not so much a huge step for them..but for me it seems like it. It just feels like a milestone.

And we're getting him out of the pull ups he still wears at night. I'll have to start waking him up at night. I was a bit nervous, but tonight went well. He's in bed, fast asleep again.

At last, I have peace when the kids go to sleep.

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