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School started for the kids last week. For the last month or so, it's been an ongoing saga. Jae was assigned a different school than Garrett. According to the school district, we filed the paperwork late. Garrett got to go to the same school he went to.
I don't think we filed late, but that's beside the point. We've been going rounds on how to get her to school and whatnot. Mom wanted to keep her back a year so that we could get her in with Garrett. I was dead set against that - there's no reason to hold her back for something that was a screw up between us and the school district. Between three adults, we could figure out something. And she had busing. In the end, she ended up on a waitlist for Garrett's school.
She's been so excited about starting. She's even been excited about taking the bus - which mom finally caught up with yesterday. We finally figured out which corner it was stopping at and at what time exactly. Last week we ended up driving her into school each day. I'm so glad she's excited.
Garrett is less excited, but at least it isn't like last year. So far, it's been really good. He's brought home homework and he seems to be adjusting well. There's quite a few kids from his kindergarten class in his new class, so he has some friends.
Yesterday, we got a call from the school and D managed to negotiate Jae into Garrett's school! She was number 3 on the waitlist and the two parents ahead hadn't responded in 4 days. They scooted Jae into the opening! She started there today. It'll be much easier with the kids at one place. When she was told of the change, it didn't seem to bother her any. I'm glad it was done before she could set down roots at BF Day, really.
They both go up to the same after school care too - and they both seem to really like it there. They've made a lot of friends there and they seem to be happy when we go to get them.

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