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Happy Thanksgiving all!!

Our day was rather good, despite a few bumpy moments. I love this time of year and it makes me smile to have the family gathered about the dinner table, having various conversations while asking for various dishes to passed this way or that.

My 'day' really begins with last night. We went down to Federal Way - which really turned out to be much closer to Tacoma - to adopt a couple ferrets. By the time we found the place (yahell maps had us going the wrong way at one point and wasn't real clear on other points - so with back-tracking we took about two hours to *get* there), it was late. We got the ferret cage broken down and packed, put the ferrets in a box (which they insisted on trying to escape the *entire* trip home) and got home just in time to get D to work. Without much sleep.

The ferrets were let out downstairs. They promptly explored the entire first floor - and otis (the albino male) even ventured up the stairs a little. Prada (the sable female) decided that she liked Garrett's room. The kids discovered the ferrets last night - Garrett found Prada when he returned to bed after a trip to the bathroom. She made it across open floor from his closet and almost under his bed - and he literally stepped right over her - before he noticed her. He was a little frightened, but I think that had to do with him being not quite awake.

Jae saw Otis when he escaped from the room (I'd been trying to round them up to sleep with me for the night) and headed downstairs. In wide-eyed wonder, she informed me in a whisper that the neighbors cat (who's black, by the way) was in the house. So, I told her we had ferrets.

I didn't get the cage set up last night, because I was tired and doing stuff about the house. We were up until 2 or 3 am with pies and such - well, mostly mom was up that late, Pandora and I went to bed a bit sooner.

This morning, I picked D up from work and a few last moment items for dinner. He put the cage together with Pan's help while mom and I finished cleaning the house. We then rounded up the ferrets to contain them. We didn't want the family to know about them just yet - besides, my baby cousin came over too, so no ferrets scampering about.

I fixed the turkey today. I used (on D's suggestion) oranges, a lemon, some pineapple and a cinnamon stick. I used butter with a garlic mix just under the skin, rubbed with the skin with olive oil and seasoned with Mrs. Dash. I put it in a bag and shoved it in the oven for 3.5 hours. It turned out delicious!! By the time we took it out of the oven, it was falling off the bone. Mom made the desserts - tapioca pudding and pumpkin pie. D made mashed taters and mac and cheese (my first thanksgiving with mac and cheese as a side dish) - on no sleep, mind you. Cheryl and Gary brought the rolls and Cheryl made gravy when she got here. Uncle Bill brought green beans and wine. No yams this year. There's been a request that D make sweet potato pie for Christmas. haha!

Dinner went really well. The baby was quite entertaining as she's just beginning to eat solid foods. She was soooo tired though. When dinner was done, we watched some cartoons with the kids and chatted. For the first time, the men managed to stay awake. The kitchen was cleaned fairly easily and quickly. Right after dinner, D came up and crashed - I'm about to wake him up for work.

All in all, today has been an excellent day

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