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Here again and with more changes

So, the family is complete again - with ups and downs, but complete. Yes, that means I'm no longer single. Some things have changed, some still need to be worked on. All in all, it's been better. It doesn't always feel like a struggle with *everything*.

On the note of changing things with myself - I have actually started to change things. Not everything that I wanted to or talked about a few months ago, I'm still working on some of that. I've talked about loosing weight off and on over the years, but haven't really done anything about it. Now, I am. I joined Weight Watchers online a few weeks ago and started working out. I've been diligently managing my points - though I do still go over sometimes and dip into my "weekly allowance", I have a fair idea of when I'm going to have to do that and how much I have to dip into. I still go out and eat, still fix all the things I like, so that it doesn't seem so much of a diet - which is good. I've just changed some of how I eat and when I eat. I try not to eat when I'm in front of the computer and have the "fungries" - a vague hunger with no real desire for anything. I've also selected less fat options when available and have tried to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my diet as a whole. I'm eating more chicken and less red meat where I can. I know D wants to add more seafood for his diet - so I may be trying some of that too. It's been years, and tastebuds change..so maybe it's time to give seafood a try again.

As far as activity and exercise, I've been doing more of that too. I thought I'd be doing more walking than I am, but it's alright. Maybe I'll take the kids for a walk today - it's so nice out. We bought the Wii Fit and balance board for my Wii, and then the EA Sports Active games - both the base and the "more". I find that I prefer the "more" over the Fit - as it has a more complete workout, with warm up and cool down periods too. The Wii is great for the aerobic and balance games, but not so much on an actual workout for me. I do my workouts at night before bed - when the kids are asleep and everyone's out of the living room. When I drive D to work and come home, I'm usually exhausted and go to bed relatively after - so, generally way before my self-imposed bed time of 2 am. I find that I'm sleeping a little better though. I missed the last couple days of workouts on the EA Sports, and I feel a little bad for that. Today, I "made up" for it with a rousing 15 minutes of Tae Bo ultimate - which only proved to me that I'm not quite to that level yet. LOL. It's alright though - it's a good, intense workout that I enjoyed even if I didn't keep up well. I'll have to work on it. Tonight, I'll do the EA Sports workout like I'm supposed to.

In about 3 weeks, I've lost a total of 6 pounds. I started at 231, and when I weighed in last week, I was at 225. I still have a ways to go, but at least I'm starting.

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