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As a side note - I have decided that in addition to my nightly post, I should update whenever I have a thought or something I want to say.
I've spent my afternoon looking over course material from EvCC for medical transcription and medical coding. Both programs are available online. Courses begin March 28th for the Spring Quarter. I'm excited about doing this, about moving forward in some way. I've decided to do the MT. I can always move into coding later - or other things as well.
But, now that I've decided what I want to do, I can't fill out the financial aid forms. I click on the links, and it gives me an error with a reference number. Of course, I can't find any information via google on this reference number - so I have no idea why I can't pull up the current forms or if I can fix it. Hell, I don't even know if it is fixable. I'm frustrated. I'm frustrated because I want to move, to make progress...to keep the ball rolling. And now, I have to put things on pause to call the financial aid office in the morning. I'm really hoping that I will get financial aid. I can use my tax return if I have to - maybe. But there are other things that I'd like to use that for - and no, it's not all "fun" things, either. There's quite a few bills I'd like to get paid off and out of the way. I'd like to do a few "fun" things too - but I won't be able to if I have to pay for this course on my own.

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