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I didn't get a lot of sleep last night, so tonight I'm going to be earlier. Probably when I'm done here. The day hasn't been as productive as I would have liked - I slacked on WoW for a bit again. Though, honestly, I didn't actually play a whole lot. Still, it was a pretty good day. D went to sleep this morning earlier than usual, so I didn't get a lot done in the room like I'd planned. Tomorrow I'll do that.
I did, however, manage to get some school stuff done. I was frustrated earlier with my inability to access the financial aid site to fill out the current forms. It didn't occur to me until a friend told me that it would likely be busy - because, well, I'm not the only one trying to gear up to go back to school. It's the start of the quarter, registration is coming up...so, yeah. I tried again this evening and was able to get in and do the form - with some interruptions. Assuming that there was an overload of people. Plus, I had to find some information, so I timed it out a couple times. Tomorrow, I have to call child support services for some information. When I get that, I can complete the form and submit it. Then I hold my breath and wait and hope. I'm excited about the possibility and I hope I can do it.
I thought about getting my tarot cards from the closet on the way home from dropping D off at work, but I haven't yet. I haven't because I just put away clothes and I'm tired. I have things I want to note - like card meanings and such. I have them written in my hand written journal, but still. In the end, I didn't particularly feel like dealing with it tonight. I'll get to that soon. I know it won't take me long once I do, but yeah...like everything else, it takes time.
I talked to a new friend today. I like her and we're making plans (nothing concrete yet) to get together and do something. We both need more friends with similar alternative interests. She actually helped me with the forms - she's going back to school too. I'm excited about the possibilities there too. Now, I just have to finish cleaning the house - despite what she says. Right now, it's just keeping the living room clean. Then I have to clean the bathroom, music room, kitchen and dining room. Kitchen is sort of getting there - it'll take some solid work time because things got all messed up over the holidays and I haven't bothered with it yet. The bathroom will take, maybe, ten minutes - mostly touch up. The dining room may take an hour or so - but that's partly because it's a lot of mom's sewing that's spread all over the table. I made the kids - well J - clean the living room again tonight. I don't mind vacuuming and cleaning my own messes - which, there's some things I need to pick up..but they can clean their own messes.

List of things to do:

Clean bathroom
Clean kitchen
Clean dining room
Clean music room
Finish cleaning bedroom

I want to finish these things this week. The room - I need to get to that closet again so I can shift things around. And I have to move things out of the room - things we no longer need or want. There's a bunch of small electronics shit that I'm not sure what to do with. Things like old keyboards, speakers for the last pc, an old mouse, webcam...things that I can't see someone coming to pick up to recycle but I'm pretty sure they don't want it in the regular trash. Maybe we'll just rent a dumpster and go through the entire house...

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