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I didn't post the last couple of days - I've been too exhausted. Last night, we went down to the club and played. By the time we got home, I was more than ready for bed!
Tonight, we went to Jae's school for the reptile man. The program was about an hour long and he had several animals to show. He was pretty funny as well as informative. The kids had their pictures taken with a python and an alligator. It was a small alligator - but, good lord, it was half the size as Jae!! In her picture, she's grinning...but in her picture with the snake, she looks a bit scared. Brave girl!! Hold the alligator but not the snake!
I heard back from FAFSA. I've been denied through them, because of a defaulted loan. However, I may be eligible for some other programs. I contacted the school and they've sent me some paperwork to fill out and return. People have also given suggestions on facebook. On the school's recommendation, I've applied for enrollment. I'll call on Monday to be sure they've received the forms and that the registration was done correctly. I'm *really* hoping that I can get aid, I'm still excited about possibly returning to school.

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