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Yesterday, (Sunday) we went to dinner with a friend. After dinner, we went through the mall a little bit. Everything closes so early around here though. We ended up going to Best Buy for a couple items that we wanted. Though, before that we did stop by Game Stop and get me a copy of Donkey Kong Country Returns. Yay! I haven't played my copy of it yet, but I have sent the rental copy back.
At Best Buy, we bought phone covers for both of us. I got new headphones, which should fit better hopefully. We bought our friend a mouse - a Hello Kitty mouse with a floaty thing in it. It was adorable! We both liked the floaty. I didn't get a mouse though, because the plan was to get me a gaming mouse. We couldn't find it at Best Buy though. What we did find was a new pc for me. D thought it would be better than trying to upgrade the one I had for another year. Once I get the music room cleaned up some, that pc will go downstairs. Which is good, because I have a Chinese program to teach the language to the kids and I don't really want them in my room *that* often. I wasn't planning on spending that much money, but it's well worth it. D said I can get MS Office 2010, which I'll need Word for school.
Today was spent running around. We got me a copy of Civilization 5 yesterday too - I spent a good part of my afternoon on that. It's a slower paced game than other MMOs, but I still enjoy it. Of course the new pc is all set up - and I've downloaded WoW and Rifts. I've been on a bit. The new monitor is sooo much nicer than the one I had before - which wasn't a bad monitor, really. The images are so much sharper.
Today, I got my gaming mouse. It was at Best Buy - back by the gaming things. You know, the place we *didn't* look. It's a really nice mouse. It has 12 number keys and 2 programmable keys. I think I can have different profiles/toons on it too, but I'm not entirely sure yet. It's a Razer Naga. We also got me a gaming keyboard, but D won't let me hook that up yet. My desk needs to be cleaner he says. Even though it is pretty clean right now.
The paperwork from the school was also faxed in. I got an email about the application for admission. I have to do the orientation before I can register. And then it says I have to do a placement test. I'll have to read the other information I have, but I could have sworn it said that I did not have to take the placement test. I guess I'll have to call tomorrow. I want to anyway, to make sure they received the fax for financial aid. I don't want to spend any of the tax return yet - not until I know about the financial aid.
Once again, I didn't get much done on the house. The plan is that tomorrow I will get some done. The living room isn't bad, so I may start there. I finally got some dust pans, so I can sweep that kitchen floor too. It's getting bad. The kitchen in general is getting better, despite other family members leaving crap all over the place. I have a full day of cleaning in front of me, but I'm okay with that. I just want it done.

To do:

Call financial aid
Call Keurig about the new coffee machine which seems to have stopped working
Pick up living room and vacuum
Clean kitchen - including floor

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