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I found an excellent site online to keep track of chores for the kids. Each chore they are assigned and complete earns them X amount of points. For example vacuuming earns 10 points. Right now I have each child doing it 3 times a week, so that it gets done every day (either the oldest or the adults will complete the 7th day). When they redeem their points, they have the option of sharing (donating to charity), saving (depositing a dollar amount to a savings account) or spending. There are several options for them to spend points on - tv time, computer time, picnic, park (the park down the street for us as opposed to the playground on the property.) and a few other things. Each reward has a point value to be cashed in. They even have a "money" reward - they get paid an amount of money if they earn 1000 points. I just started this today, so there may be some adjustments and additions to it. So far, it works out pretty well. The kids can send me messages via this site. I can respond and/or send messages to them as well. Both kids, so far, have decided to share and save points. Each point is a penny. I think when it gets to like $10 we can actually go to the bank and deposit it for them. I think part of it is, I messed up on how to allocate the points. I didn't realize that you needed to put some in the "spend" pot to set it aside for spending on rewards, rather than saving. Once you allocate them, there doesn't seem to be a way to redo it. Oh well. Over all, I like this - no more printing out charts and such. Yay!
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