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Good day.

The kids did their chores today. No arguing, no talking back, no whining, no stalling. As a result, they got to go to Greenwood parade today with mom. I told them yesterday it wasn't going to happen if they were going to continue behavior like yesterday. I don't expect this to last forever, but damn, it was *really* nice. There were only a couple times of arguing with each other during the day, but it's a small place, so.
This afternoon, we walked down to Bitterlake park. The wading pool was open. I didn't bring any towels or suits or anything, unfortunately. It was warm enough though, that I let them go in and they could air dry on the walk home. They had a great time! There were free snacks and juice for the kids, provided by T mobile, I think. When we got home, I fixed them a quick dinner (well, heated up left overs) while they changed into dry clothes before mom took them down to Greenwood. Mom said they had a great time at the parade and they seemed to be excited when they got home, too. They marked points on their charts and got ready for bed - again, no complaints or stalling!
I got everything and then some done on my to do list. I cleaned the kitchen, even rearranging the drawers some so that my spatulas and can opener and the like aren't in with my silverware anymore. I moved some food to a plastic chest of drawers I have just off the kitchen, right by my computer chair. I even have some organization to that. Yay me! I cleaned the bathroom - everything but the floor. I got all the laundry done. Now all I have to do is take the last load out of the dryer and fold them all - which I will do here in a few minutes. I feel pretty damned accomplished.
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