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New family member...

We have a new member of the family. Her name is Ziggy. No, I didn't name her. She's a little tabby brat cat. Yes, she *is* a brat. We got her last night from a neighbor. They have a young baby, got the cat from someone being evicted. They've only had her a couple weeks. Apparently, they bought a stuffed animal at the thrift store and she flipped. She went for the stuffie, husband got in the way to protect wife and Ziggy scratched him up pretty good. She bit him too. He's alright - he's been to the doctor and got meds. She got put outside.
Last night, she was crying outside in the little courtyard I overlook. I went down and she let me pick her up. The wife came looking for her because she felt bad that her husband had chased her outside. We brought her back up to their apartment. I guess when they left early this morning, she followed them out and got outside again - attacking in the process. When they found her again in the evening, she was under my window again. She'd hissed at a few people who tried to get to her and the wife put out food for her, but she wouldn't come to either of them. When I went outside, she let me get close and pick her up. So, she's been her since last night.
She did the usual cat thing of peruse the apartment. I left the kids' door open so she could check them out before they woke up, which she did. Then she camped out under the couch. That's where she's spent her day, by the way, under my couch. I was kind of worried because she hadn't really come out to eat or drink until we put dry food out for her in the afternoon. She had tuna before that, which I ended up throwing out because it'd been out overnight. the lady said she likes tuna, but she hardly touched it. I felt better when she came out to at least check out the dry food and the water. Yes, we had water out for her all day. She didn't eat until a little while ago though, but at least she's eating.
So, in the last couple hours that she's ventured out from under the couch - which was only because the lady came to visit her and was able to coax her out - she's had food, made a mess of the water bowl on my kitchen floor (which means she got herself all wet too), shared space with the sleeping spawn and argued with me over the counters. She wasn't vocal about it, but boy did I get the dirty looks. She got up on the table where the computers are - which I'm sitting at - and tried to step over my shoulder (like literally) from the table to the kitchen counter which is right behind me. When I'd catch her (cause you know, you can't sneak right in front of someone...silly kitty, tricks are for kids!) and tell her no while putting her on the floor, she'd look at me like "Uh, scuse me? I don't think so.." and try it again a few minutes later. It took 3 or 4 times before she went to sulk under the couch.
I have the kitchen clean and have changed her water into a smaller bowl; the one that's attached to her food bowl which is fairly shallow. Little brat waited until I put an ice cube in the water before she came over to drink. The smaller bowl seems to have helped though - no water all over my kitchen floor and when she came over to try once again sneaking over my shoulder, her chest wasn't all wet. This time though the little brat got smart - instead of trying to sneak past me, she went to the counter by the fridge and got up there and onto the fridge. Made me climb up there to get her down! Brat cat. She's so cute though.

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