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First day of school

School started for the spawn today. I missed them...but damn, it was good to have the quiet!!

Garrett catches his bus at 7:45, so we had to be up at like 6:30ish. I think tomorrow I'll wake him up just a little later. The bus was late this morning, which was kind of expected since it's the first day and all. We stood outside for awhile...poor Garrett said he got stung by a bee, just under the eye. When the bus pulled up, he was crying and upset. He looked fine this afternoon when he got home. Mom met him up at the school this morning and walked him to his new class, met his teacher and stuff. He said he had a good day - and he even got a point chart. He made his day :)

JaeLynne didn't have to be in to school until 9:20. I thought we'd hit the school about 9ish, see who her teacher was and what room she was in. Yeah...that plan failed miserably when I spent 30 minutes looking for parking. We were late. Fortunately, first day of school, so we weren't the only ones late. We were directed to her room. I stayed for a few minutes, then ducked out to talk to the OT and speech therapist to make sure that the IEP was in or on it's way. OT said that the OT she had at her old school sees a couple students at her new school, so they knew all about her and the lady will bring the file. Speech therapy isn't quite so lucky, but they said they'll have her information and start it in a couple weeks probably. When I went to pick her up this afternoon, she told me with a worried voice and tears in her eyes "but, mama....they put me in a FIRST grade class!" So, we got it all fixed at the office after school. She's considering tomorrow her "real first day". She was soo excited about 2nd grade. I think tomorrow we'll walk to the school instead of drive. I don't really want to go through the parking mess again. I'm not sure what to do about afternoon, since Garrett gets home about 4 pm. I think I'm going to see how long it takes us to walk and go from there. He was home before us today - but then, we did have to fix Jae's class and stuff. Tomorrow shouldn't be so bad. We have her on a waiting list for Garrett's school, so maybe she'll get in there. Sibling ride along should happen if she does.

I'm tired now...since I was up much earlier than I'm used to! In that time though, I looked for a job this morning as I had my coffee. I got school sorted out, I mopped the kitchen floor and I cleaned up my desk some. Not quite as much as I wanted to accomplish, but not terribly bad either.

Tomorrow's to-do list:

Clean bathroom, including floor
Fold laundry
Empty dishwasher
Finish cleaning desk
Finish organizing my coupons - which I started and revised the system to before I got tired of it.
Search for a job

Yay me. Lots to accomplish and if I just keep going on it, it shouldn't take me *that* long to do. Off to bed with a book for me! Night cyber world.
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