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Settling in

I think things are finally settling in. We've been in the apartment about 2 months now. I still need to find some places to put things and there are still things we need, but it's working. It doesn't seem like it's been that long, really.

Jae's finally going to the same school as Garrett. At first, I was going to leave her where she is, because they have a dance opportunity there she might not have anywhere else. We talked about it Monday though, and she decided she wanted to go where Garrett is. It was really weird to have both kids gone at the same time this morning! I don't think that's ever happened before with school. LOL

Yesterday was her first day there. I had to drive her in, because transportation said it'll take about a week for her to get on their list to ride with Garrett. In the meantime, she has a green card to board the bus with. She's in Garrett's old class and she already has a friend in that class - someone she knew from NW Center. He was excited to see her. She said she had a good day and was excited to *finally* have homework. I think she did at least half the packet for the week.

Because I didn't have to walk Jae to school, I did manage to get a few things done before 10 am. Though I am going to have to start working out, since I won't have that walk in the mornings anymore. This morning, I did dishes, made some struessel bread and cleaned the bathroom some. Yay me. I now have my desk cleared and my coupons organized. Tomorrow, I'll attack the new things of coupons an add those to my chart. I've been applying for jobs in the morning too, before the kids leave for school and then when I get back. I only walk them to the first floor now for the bus.

I thought for sure it'd be a pain to be up early in the mornings, since I have to have the kids up about 7 so they have time to get ready and catch the bus. So far, it hasn't been, really. I'm up about 6:30 so I can shower and have a bit of time to myself. This morning I dragged a little, but it wasn't bad...still had time to get the kids up and stuff. I've been going to bed about midnight and reading for a little bit before bed. That seems to be working out.

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