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The email...

Okay, I have to write about this because its just so typical of her. She didn't send the email to me, but to Bryan. Selina, a former friend of mine, is in financial dire straights...again. What kills me is she puts herself there. She needs a job, but finds multiple excuses not to find one. This time its becase she's not close enough to the city out there in Arlington. And, of course, there's *no* work out there. I'm willing to bet, there's no work within walking distance for her. Heaven forbid she do what she has to and *gasp* take a freakin' bus for an hour or two. I know it sucks, been there. But, hey, I did it.
Reading this email made me roll my eyes and be grateful for distancing myself from her. She's a wonderful person when she wants to be..but being her friend comes with a price. My price was whenever we did something, I had to pay for it. Not a huge deal in and of itself, but it progressed. She would 'suggest' we go out and do things...go out to dinner at places like Outback. At the time, I was living at home, and it was alright for the most part..though the constant suggestions did get to me. I didn't mind paying when I invited her, after all, I knew what inviting her meant, and it was on my terms. I've watched her spiral downward and screw some mutual aquaintances hard. Bryan claims this isn't the first time she's done it, and seeing it, I believe it.
Let me fill you in, it'll help understand the 'humor' of the email. Selina used to live with her teachers, people she's known forever. They let her stay in their basement for a year, with the stipulation that it was 'just until she got on her feet'. Meaning, job, rent, etc. It ended up that Selina spent most of her time online (also a known habit), and very little of it (for all appearances sake) actually 'beating pavement' so to speak. She ended up not having a job.

So, we fast forward a bit, life is good..her and I go out quite a bit, enjoy ourselves. She does a few quirky things that make me complain, usually to Bryan who understands. One of which is this constant need to be around..and not letting Bryan and I do things on our own, because heaven only knows that we *might* be talking about her, or having fun without her. Which, ended up being true most of the time.
Then she met Lexi online and started talking to him. She called him, which meant she needed money for cell phone and calling card. Where she got said funds, I don't know. Anyway, he wanted a Domme, and she presented herself as such online. Or having the ability to 'switch'. They got along famously for months, and decided it was time to meet. In the meantime, Peekers and Ander made plans to come down and visit a few of us they'd been chatting with online and hit the Spot.
With all this going on, I got volunteered (not asked, mind you) to pick up Ander and Peekers at the train station. I somewhat agree to this, because by the time its really dawned on me that she's said I would do this for sure, its too late. I didn't want to leave the two stranded at the train station in a strange city. This same weekend, Lexi is supposed to be down from Calgary. Everything is hunky dorey, I meet Peekers and Ander, drive them to Selina's where they'll be staying and socialize for a bit. We firm up plans to go to the club, and start getting ready. Low and behold...call from Lexi, who's stranded at the border in BC. Well, Selina of course, was mad. How dare they do their job and stop him? Just a bunch of assholes at the border. Come to find out - he has a one-way ticket, no money, and a record. Hmn. Granted, the charges were dropped, and spending money was supposed to come from Selina (figure that one out, cuz I can't) as well as the train ticket home.
Well, now the whole house is in an uproar. She looks at me, as she's telling everyone what's going on and ranting about the assholes at the border (nevermind that they had every reason to stop him), and says "We can go pick him up"....*blink* Excuse me? We? Uhm. No. Not only that, but either Bryan or myself were supposed to come up with the $200 that he needed for spending money (per US border patrol) for the time he was to be down here. We'd "get it right back". Both Bryan and I said, no, that the funds were not available to us. This, of course, pissed her off. She fully expected one of us to pay for him, and the other to drive up there. Well, fuck that noise. Not driving 3 hours to turn around. Not my boy toy waiting at the border due to incredibly poor planning.
To top it off, Peekers and Ander put together their spending money to come up with a train ticket home for Lexi and the $200 needed. This was months ago..she *still* hasn't paid them back. She finds another way to go get Lexi and brings him home. He finds out she's not quite the Domme she portrays herself to be, but apparently still has hope for her. They keep in touch after he heads home. She makes plans on moving to Calgary, and a better life. In other words, she fully expected to sit on her ass and do nothing while Lexi took care of everything, most especially her.
A couple months later, she packs up and leaves. She leaves her former room mates, friends, teachers, with a $400 phone bill that she hasn't even attempted to pay back and a half destroyed basement..oh, not to mention the 2 cats. One of which was Bryan's and was supposed to be fixed by this point and never was, so he was going through the male form of heat..mark everything in sight. They ended up getting rid of the two kitties (awww..if I could have, I would have taken them), and fixing up the basement. I'm sure they're relieved now that they don't have to feed and care for Selina and pets. She lived under their roof for a year..and apparently didn't pay any rent. And, if you listen to her, it was horrible. She did *everything*. Chya.
The move to Calgary in and of itself went smoothly, from what I gather. I'm not talking to her as much by this point, so, who knows? Hear from Peekers a couple months later. Apparently, Selina and Lexi have split up. Peekers has paid her way to BC and given her a place to stay. Moved her son out of his room for Selina and everything. This woman got her all set up for a work permit too..all Selina had to do was go in and talk to the lady. Peekers even had her working in her store to contribute to the household. Did Selina do it? No. Then there was some concern about Selina taking things from the store. I never considered Selina a theif, but on the other hand, I could see her doing this, under the pretext of 'borrowing' it for some use or another. Well, Peekers can't take anymore and kicks her out. All I hear is about how much of a bitch Peekers was and how hard it was living under her roof.
It doesn't end there though...next, she shows up on the doorstep of a friend of mine. I say a friend of mine, because he's admitted that he doesn't care for Selina. His wife takes pity, accepts her in for a few nights, drives him nuts and he says that she has to go somewhere else. They drive her to Arlington and drop her off on the door step of a friend of a mutual friend of ours. (Man, is that confusing or what?) I haven't heard anything bad about my friend, but of course, we've more or less stopped talking now.
Now, she's up in Arlington with the woman. Again, arrangements have been made for her to have her own room at this woman's son's expense. This kid now sleeps on the sofa of a two bedroom apartment because Selina has taken over the other bedroom. This was supposed to be temporary, but now she's been there a year, and apparenlty hasn't paid rent (or much of it) there either. Now, our mutual friend is also there because of extenuating circumstances and the need for an immediate place to stay. Said mutual friend is now on his way to getting out of the apartment and on his own. Selina, at one point, had a job but lost it. It was kind of screwy how she lost it, and I'll admit, she was screwed over. But, that was months ago, and she hasn't had a job since. From rumor, she hasn't been looking real hard either. Go figure.
This brings us right back to the email she sent Bryan. Which states how difficult it is living under Robyn's roof and how everything is her fault. She's done everything for Robyn, including watch her son (which, from my understanding, has been more or less taken over by mutual friend), and this is the thanks she gets? Her phone line is turned off (probably because Robyn doesn't want to pay for it), and they have this code system for the phone now, all because Robyn 'won't stand up to her asshole boss and get a raise'. *blink* Uhm. Okay. Nevermind that you aren't working at all. Now, she sends Bryan an email, asking for money to move because 'things have gotten so bad'. Robyn has finally gotten tired of things and informed her that other arrangements will have to be made. (Way to go Robyn!). Selina wouldn't send this to me, because I think she'd know what I'd say. HELL NO!

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