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A while back I thought I had lost a $50 check dad sent me for Christmas. I had it over at Tyr's, and that was the last place I remembered having it. I remember leaving it on his couch. Well, I couldn't find it a few days later..and when he cleaned the house to move, no check. Ack! I had just chalked it up, with dismay, to being gone.
Well, last night, when I was looking through stuff that he'd brought over, I found it! Yes! It was in a bag with my puzzle glue. *sigh relief* It comes at a *much* needed time. I'm short this check due to catching up on a car payment *and* rent at the same time. Not only that, but I forgot about a bill..and the result, overdrawn bank account. *whimper* I borrowed money from mom, but this lil check will help a great deal. I still don't have a lot of money, but at least now I can go to the grocery store without panicking. Utter....relief.

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