onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Online flirting...

I'm beginning to realize that online flirting is an art. Apparently, one at which I'm fairly adept. Yay! I'm good at something! Feel the joy (smirk). Of course, its easy...cuz people don't see you. Heaven help me face to face...lil miss tongue tied. But, hey, tonight, I got a phone number. Without trying. Imagine that. (Grin) Although - to be fair to the giver..I do believe it was more of a "Hey, you're friendly and amusing. I'm new here..let's talk!". The poor lad...just doesn't know what he's getting into. (evil angel grin) Okay...so, who's going to give me ideas?? Hmmm? I know you wanna.
Okay...so, the yahoo club is interested in the violet wand. I'm trying to give them a good idea of what it is and what it does...but, its much easier to *show* these things. Not that Tyr would have an issue...I can see him doing it with a huge smile. Oi vey! And for those of you who are gluttens for something mildly entertaining (such as my life..) you can find my yahoo profile, with a list of my clubs, as onyxanglfyre. Most of the clubs are rp..and the geeky girl in me loves to play in them. Don't get me started on my characters...I'll babble forever! I see all you fellow roleplayers nodding your heads in understanding.
Whelp...here I am, after work again. I'm beginning to think I spend too much time here. Wait, check that, I *know* I do. Heh. But, at least I'm just dinkin' round online at the moment.....not even signed onto the stupid phone. Alright...so, here I am..back at nothing to say for the moment, and unable to resist the urge to update. Lookit what you people have done to me!!! :P

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