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Now for the weekend in review...

Friday Tyr came home, so off to the airport I went to pick him up. Naturally, traffic was light. I got there before 7 pm - his flight didn't arrive until 7:15. Well, it ended up being later, but that's the time I was told. Of course, airport security being what it is now, there's no waiting in the baggage/pick up area either. Naturally. I don't know how many times I circled around...but it was enough to make one of the police officers grin and shake his head. I thought he was beginning to wonder if I really did have someone to pick up! Tyr finally showed about 8 pm. When he came to the car, he gave me a big hello kiss *grins*
Saturday, we went down to Mike and Jamie's for Mike's birthday. Tyr got to meet Steve, and we watched A Knight's Tale. Great flick. We joked around a lot and went to get dinner at Subway. Mike will "do anything to be cheap"! lol ... it was great watching him lick stamps to put on the Subway card. Cheap and delicious dinner. After that, we all went to the Spot, but more on that later.
Sunday, we went to see Bryan. Hit Denny's for lunch/dinner. Talked about many things, including Selina's email. Bryan also gave Tyr the matching athame to the one I have. I picked both blades out at Camlan last year, and Bryan got them with the intent that I'd be his High Priestess. It was surprising that he gave it to Tyr to take with. Its sitting on my altar right now. He gave me two candles for the house too, which was cool. One is tranquility, the other I don't remember. He gave Tyr a small statue to take with too, I didn't catch which God or Goddess, but I imagine one fairly local to Korea. Bryan blessed it for him naturally. I'm guessing that Bryan thinks (or knows, with him it could be either) that Tyr and I will be together for some time to come. *smile*

After Denny's we hit Pacific Place, we were going to see Brotherhood of the Wolf, but ended up putting that off until tonight. Tyr and I were going to see Spex and Ryka that night too. We just walked around the mall. We hit illuminations, where I got a couple things. I got a little ceramic heater thing, like to heat oils..where you put the tea light underneath and there's a bowl ontop. To go in that, I got scented wax petit fours to melt. They last up to 8 hrs. I have the mulled wine burning now. Yum. I can see that this will need *lots* of tea lights though...thank God Ausha gave me some for Christmas! Restoration Hardware also had a good deal for tea lights...something like 15 of them for $6. We stopped there too, though most things were too expensive. Tyr picked up a shaving brush and took it to my face...then made a comment about needing to work on a sensory kit. *smirk* We hit Museum Company too, and Tyr found a bowl that he wanted. A ceramic bowl with four lions, facing each direction. It was very nice. And of course, we had to hit B&N. I couldn't get away without books. I bought the second book in a series that I've been waiting on...its the Daughter's of Bast series. I also got one on craft, and a history of the myth of Merlin.
After all that, we went to see Spex and ryka. It was fun. We played games and chit chatted. ryka and I were thinking of starting a study group as opposed to a coven. It may be easier that way..and if it grows into a coven, cool. Spex sold the tens to Tyr. Yay! We haven't tried it out or anything yet.
This morning, we got up kinda late. I got a load of laundry done, mostly his so he could pack. We were gonna go down to his friend's house where he has the Harley, but didn't get a chance really. We were also going to stop and get me a new mouse, since I'm using his track ball and he wants to take that. Didn't do that either. We did go to GNC and WoTC. He got me some vitamins, which will be good for me. I just need to start eating some sort of breakfast now. We picked up Bryan at 5:30 from work and headed over to see Brotherhood of the Wolf. If you haven't seen it yet...GO! I mean it. Excellent film. And I don't really do subtitled films..but it was wonderfully done. I want to get it when it comes out. I'd give a review of it, but that would ruin it, and that's just no fun.

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