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Cut suggestion...

Hmn, okay, well, Chaos gave me this link for some tags. I believe its the cut command I'm supposed to use. So, in theory, I insert this tag somewhere in my entry...and it tells someone who has it on a friends list to read the full entry from a post. That is, if I'm understanding correctly. Well...we must play with this you know. Yes, we must. Because...well, I have to ...and you my lucky journal readers..get to join. Woooo....so, let us test this theory. But see...who's going to tell me if I'm right? Hmmm. Okay..so here goes.

Alrighty...so, well see how this works. I just know I'll get feed back. (grin) When you just log into my journal though...does it show all? Hmn. Well, that's easy enough to check. Alright Chaos...no more books, if I remember to use this (grin)
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