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He's gone....

I dropped Tyr off at the airport earlier. *sigh* No parking involved, again. Standing outside at ticketing, he gave me a kiss goodbye, told me to be good and that he'd call me when he landed and knew where he was going. He won't know what camp he'll be at until he gets there.
Today was spent running around, getting last minute things done. We went down to Doug's, for the Harley, to give last minute instructions and make sure things were okay. We went to the base, to pick up his award and turn in his mailbox. Then off to Rich's, who now has the truck for repairs. Last minute addresses, both house and emails. Spent a couple hours here, getting last minute things packed.
We had time to curl up on the couch together and play a bit. I mean like, joking play...I was sticking my tongue out at him and he was tickling me. I spent half the night alternating between being totally okay with things to wanting to cry. I'm really going to miss him.
After dropping him off, I came home. I was alright, not real upset, more like...well, resigned I guess. The exit to my house was blocked *grumble* So, instead of taking a left, I had to take a right. I finally wound my way back around to the mall, to come up the other way....only to find that way blocked too. I ended up driving into Seattle to turn around. I realized as I drove by the exits that I didn't really know them..and wasn't real sure how easy it would be to exit and get right back on, so for ease, I just went into Seattle where I knew the exits and how to get back on the freeway. It was alright though I guess, it gave me time to think, and to just be alone. I'm not exactly sure how I feel yet...I think I'm just gonna finish up my email and go lay down to read.

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