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Just another day...

I stayed home from work today. I'm glad I did. I wasn't really prepared to cope with customers...although I heard it was slow at work today. I'm hoping the same will be true tomorrow, since I go back. I needed today to wallow in depression...tomorrow is time to get back into the 'swing of things' and move onto being totally okay with Tyr's absense. It is, after all, only a year.
I managed to get quite a bit done today. I got most of my laundry done, though I found another load or two that was put in a box and shoved in the closet, but that's okay, there's the weekend for that. I even got it all put away, neatly. *gasp* I emptied part of the dishwasher, with the full intention of emptying it all and putting dirty dishes in...I just didn't get that far. I put my bed back together, which makes my room look much neater. I have two twin size matresses on the floor for a bed, so when Tyr is over, I pull them out side by side. It takes up most of my room, but he and I can sleep at least semi-comfortably. I am determined to have a double bed by the time he comes home..minus the frame. Takes up too much room for a frame. I even managed to cook for myself, and take those vitamins. This did as I predicted and made me want more water...I haven't had much, mind you, but more than I normally do. I'm working on my second full glass...12 ounces, I think. Maybe 8, I'm not sure what size these are.
Jenni wants to start this Atkins diet that everybody is so hot on. I've looked the first phase over, which consists of eating mostly protien and a few fats and cutting out sugar and carbohydrates. It looks like you gradually add those back in..and they do recommend excersize. I'm not entirely sure about how healthy this diet is. It sounds like she wants us both to go on it...I'll try, but I'm not real sure how easy its going to be to stick to, especially at work. Its supposed to be 3 meals a day, or 4 little ones. Not exactly sure how to manage that at work. And this diet, you can't deviate from. *sighs* I'll see what Bryan and Tyr think about it....Bryan because he's in the medical field..and Tyr because he seems to know what's basically healthy for you. Well, and he's my Dom *smile*
Oh...I even baked brownies tonight. (Sorry Jenni, didn't realize you were actually starting the diet tonight!). Don't get too excited, they're the "just add water" kind...with the pan and everything. But, I wanted something sweet to soothe the blues. Yeah, I know..not a good habit. You try alternating between being okay and being aimless, and not fall to temptation.
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