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Happy Valentines to you too...

pshaw. I'm so not in the mood for Valentines today. Normally, even when I'm single, it doesn't bother me, and tends to bring a smile to my lips. But, today...eh. I could care less. Maybe it has to do with recent events..maybe it has to do with a new view of things. I dunno. Or maybe I'm just generally irritated, given this morning's work events. On the upside - I'm not depressed that it is Valentine's day..and I'm alone, but attached. At least, not yet. I still have to survive the Grind tonight...which is a flog all night or something to that effect. Happy happy joy joy. I get to watch couples mix and mingle and flog..and be reminded that my 'other' is gone. *sigh* Erg.
Just another freakin' day.....
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