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I hate banks...still...

Alright, so NOW I get the message that the bank has been calling for my car payment. Nevermind that I set it up with becky bitch bank teller 2 weeks ago. Still hasn't been taken out of my account. So, today, she calls me at work. Uhm, can we say NO? Do NOT call me at work. Chances are, I won't be able to answer the phone..and its for emergencies only. Get it? Are you bleeding? Dying? Missing body parts? Related to me? My friend? NO. Then DO NOT call me at work. Simple concept.
She calls me, telling me I'm 30 days behind on my past due payment. (Yes, I got behind). Well, dumb ass Becky banker bitch, if you'd done your stupid fucking job right, you would have HAD the payment by now. Stupid. But no, why get it right when you can call and harrass me? Hmmn? Yes, its my fault I got behind. I realize this, I understand this, and I understand that as such, I must pay the consequences, which silly me did not think would include you calling me to bitch that I didn't pay you when I set it up 2 weeks ago!

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