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Okay, I have to get this down now, before I forget. I'm going to try and start recording what I remember of dreams, in the hopes that I will remember more eventually.

This morning's dream: Jenni burst into my room, which had morning light - she was dressed in some flowy lavender thing, a blouse I think, but its hard to tell. Her eyes were really wide, and she starts jabbering at me, all excited, about her and Rob staying up ALL night (emphasis on all night) on the computer! It was all breathless the way she told me.

That's it. That's the snippet I remember. I think my alarm went off then, and the rest of it began to fade. I have no idea what the hell it had to do with, or what led up to that point. But, there it is. I think the more I record these little snippets, the easier my dreams will be to remember, and the more complete they'll be. That's my hope at any rate.
On other fronts - Tyr left me email today, letting me know that he's safe and sound. He doesn't know where he's going yet, but said something about a strange assignment. I guess I'll find out more later. I'm glad that he's safe, it takes some of the unease away. Rather, apprehension would probably be a better word. At any rate, the result is, I feel better.
Went to the club last night to work the door at the dance. There were a few people there for me socialize with. All in all, I had a nice time. I think I should go on a Thursday just to dance :) Aleric brought me Mardi Gras beads from New Orleans :) They're on my puter at home right now.
The maintenance man is due over today, I hope Jenni remembers. I forgot to remind her last night. As I was leaving the house, the spot above the tub started leaking. There's no paint there now to hold in the water, so it was dribbling into the tub. At least its over the tub.
We get our bonuses today - I'm hoping mine is a good one. Mom said she got around $1000. There's so much I could do with that! I may not get as much, but hopefully near that...I have several options ;) Although I'll probably just buy a puter. I'm trying not to get all worked up about it at the moment.

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