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Here I am again

Well, here we are..nice and bright and shiney....okay, not so early...but ya'll get my point. I feel like my veins are shaking inside my body. Is it possible that one egg nog latte was too much caffiene? I aslo feel bleh. I know my mood icon says "Okay" and, I am. I think its just.."that" time. Bleh.
I spent quality time with kitty this morning (smirk). She spent all night elsewhere (probably pestering 'mom') and comes running in when my alarm goes off. She's looking at me and chattering...as if I'm supposed to be up and ready. She's lucky she's cute. Oh! And, she was on my altar this morning (doh!). Lucky cat..I have Bast on my altar. I'm sure She was amused. (smirk)
Ahhh...second cup of coffee. Too much caffiene? Never. So, this weeekend...big plans. Yeah, right. I'm picking up Bryan tonight and my computer from grandma's. Tomorrow, getting the storage paid off and scheduling a delivery date (Yay! Furniture!), and going down to Tyr's to start his baby..then on up to MoonDoggy's for the Christmas party. Sunday...laundry at the apartment or grandma's, depending on funding. And playing on the internet at home! Yay! I love cable. Then one more week before vacation.

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