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Well, I talked to Blisswhisper today. Apparently he had unexpected out of town company. I can understand this, but a quick note would have been nice. In today's world there are multiple options for communication, and it didn't even have to be long. A phone call, voice mail, yahoo message, email just long enough to say "Not going to make it - explain later" or some such short message. What a blow to my ego if this had been a romantic date. As it was, I took a deep breath and rolled my eyes. Well, okay.
Now, we have plans to meet, across from work, at the Starbucks. Except that, when I told him there, I forgot there were two. Nevermind the fact that I wasn't really planning on meeting anyone tonight. My hair isn't washed (well, washed it last night, but not this morning...greasy effect because its so thin and fine *sigh*). I'm wearing my glasses (ugh)..and I hate that. I'd be much happier in my contacts. Yes, its a confidence thing..stemming waaaayyy back to grade school. Suffice it to say, children were cruel.
In all of this, I'm not complaining. And I'm not entirely sure why it matters. If he doesn't like me, then pshaw. I can deal. If he does, then great, new friend, and he's seen me in my 'worst' (okay, not technically, but the worst for going out of the house)...the rest is gravy. Right? Right. Okay then, 6 more minutes, then I go peruse the starbucks for a man I've never met.

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