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Today's adventure....

And, yes, it was. Didn't make it into work today. Jenni knocked on my door at 8 am this morning, telling me she needed the emergency room. She looked like she could hardly stand, much less walk, but she wouldn't let me call the ambulance. So, in the car we pack her and off to the hospital we head. Of course, we have to have Sandybear along because he knows where the hospital is down here. I hate being new to a place sometimes. I called him shortly after Jenni woke me up.
4 hours later, they've figured out that she has kidney stones. I stayed with her in the hospital, as did Sandybear. He called in to work to let them know what was going on. Then we had to go to the pharmacy to get her pain killers. Not much the hospital can do, they said that she needs to keep moving to stimulate the kidney. Well, while picking up the perscription, she wants to go grocery shopping. Not that I minded so much, as we needed it, but the poor girl didn't look remotely up to it. She said that she was feeling better though the more we walked around. We rented a couple movies too, I don't think she plans on going in tomorrow. Right now, she's fast asleep on the couch. I'm trying to stay up because if I take a nap, it'll be yet another sleepless night.
I got quite a few things done today, despite the morning in the hospital. Still no deposit, so I couldn't go to Ikea like I was hoping. I didn't have to worry about lunch/dinner as Sandybear was kind enough to treat us to Bento Box :) I got the trash emptied (all of it), the litter box cleaned, the refrigerator cleaned, a load of dishes done, and all the 'cold' groceries put away. I know, it doesn't seem like a lot...but, for one that's not domestic like myself, it is.
I'm talking to someone on ICQ that I haven't seen in ages. Its a guy I used to date, before he joined the military full time (failing to mention this to me at the time we were dating) and was stationed in Germany. What a surprise that was...to learn from a mutual friend what had happened to my boyfriend. *shakes her head* We're still..friends..I guess. He disappeared again not too long ago..and I can't say that I cried over him the second time. But, seeing him again, brings back the unresolved feelings. Part of me is overjoyed with seeing him, and glad that he's back and doing well. That same part looks forward to seeing him. The other part, wants to cry...because, somewhere, I still miss him. Its been 2 years since I've seen him last, after his knee surgery, and 4 since he left for Germany. Four years since we've really talked. I wonder if I remember how to talk to him?

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