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This is why I *hate* banks....

Okay...a month ago I lost my checkbook along with my check card. Not a biggie..or so I thought. WRONG. For those who are curious, you can find the beginning of my bank card saga in my other diary, which is listed in my profile. (GROWL)
So..today, it continues. I called the bank..because, alas, no bank card has shown up at grandma's house. I inform the rep that I've been trying to get a check card with a Visa or Mastercard logo on it for a month. A whole freakin' month. She's asking when I called....so, I tell her last week or the week before. Then she tells me she's not finding anything...she can see where I have the atm card. No, I don't even want the stupid atm card...I want the check card. I don't know why this seems to be a difficult concept. I tell her that this has been ongoing...that I spoke to 2 people in the branch and 2 people on the phone. A total of 4 (now 6) people to get me a fucking check card. Its one lousy little fucking check card. One. That's all I want..one. She puts me on hold to research...comes back and tells me, well, the check card has indeed been ordered..but denied because it was ordered on the closed account. (blink, blink) Excuse me??? The...wha..?? Yes, I had heard her right...the closed account! CLOSED. You would think that this word would keep the bank rep from ordering the card on that account...but, apparently not. So, she hands me over to a "product specialist"...whom I give my sob story to from between clenched teeth. The color has drained from my face and I think I chipped a tooth I was so fucking livid. He immediately hmms and hawws and puts me on hold. 10 minutes later...he comes back and tells me that his supervisor has given him permission to upgrade this to a check card. (blink, blink) After all this....he damn well better have. He now tells me that it should be 5-7 business days before I recieve said check card. Yeah, right.

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